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  • Brings Healing & Peace of Mind
  • Offers Protection from Negativity
  • Powerful Tool to manifest your Intentions
  • Increases your Soul Power
  • Divine, Good Luck surrounds you

… and much more

14 power & benefits
14 power & benefits
mukhi - miracle beads


Choose from a variety of Mukhi Power Rudraksha & learn about their spiritual powers



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What is authentic Soul Jewelry?

We create authentic & activated mala beads and spiritual jewelry, using India’s holy power beads and healing gems. Our healing jewelry incorporates especially the widely revered Rudraksha beads which have been used as prayer beads and sacred power objects by powerful masters since ancient times and are highly regarded for their transformational, spiritual powers. More than your typical yoga jewelry, we represent an ancient tradition of supreme masters who initiated us in the creation of true healing power objects. While we aim to create jewelry that is beautiful and inspires your heart, our primary consideration is the Shakti (spiritual power), the high-vibrational, healing quality of our sacred gems.

Our soul jewelry is blessed and activated through an ancient Shakti activation process that unlocks the dormant powers of the spiritual beads, making the divine energy easily accessible when you wear it, blessing you with peace, power and protection from negativity.

What is authentic Soul Jewelry?


“I haven't taken this off since I bought it from your store in Ubud  almost three years ago. I feel like it has helped bring in so much abundance and positivity in my life--I am never without it!"

- Wiji,Indonesia

"I can never fully explain how much I love EVERYTHING I've purchased thru your store. I notice a shift in my thinking and overall feelings of wellbeing. The 2 malas I ordered this time - Shakti and Bhava are absolutely spectacular and I cannot wait to use during meditation and to simply wear as necklaces. In fact, after I send this, will meditate with the Shakti mala."

- Lois,USA

"I purchased these earrings, a bracelet and a 17 Mukhi pendant earlier I this year. This jewelry has been life changing. They work in synergy with each other. It facilitates the softening of "hard" karmic lessons, removes bad choices, and brings overall peace of mind and clarity. The power imparted in this jewelry was noticeable the 1st day they arrived and each piece is imbued with a unique energy. I could literally feel my earrings balancing my right and left energy channels. Along with being magical, they are also physically stunning. They're designed to stand out energetically and physically. I'm constantly complimented on them. I would encourage anyone to purchase any piece from and prepare to see a difference in your life."

- Debbie,USA

"I held the Mala in my hands and immediately felt my hands buzz with energy. I had felt energy before but nothing of the magnitude. A few seconds later I felt goosebumps go up my back from the base of my spine all the way up to the top of my head. I was in complete shock! I was hit with an overwhelming energy of healing and peace that it washed over my body and I started to cry intensely. I felt this feeling as though my soul's pieces were all coming together."

- Alan D, Windsor,Canada

"The beauty of Shivaloka’s jewelry extends beyond their products, both in the care taken in making their pieces, which can be felt when you are wearing them, and in the way you are treated as a customer – like you are a welcome friend."

- Constance Culpepper,Artist - USA

"You shifted my day, my week and my month. I just received your package. I am still crying. Truly. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and less than. Your jewelry really shifted me. Thank you."

- Maranda Pleasant,owner/ editor-in-chief of Origin Magazine & Mantra, Yoga & Health Magazine

"I’ve immediately experienced the energy my Shivaloka bracelet gives me. It makes me feel more confident, I approach new situations and people with more ease, I have a more open focus towards life and don’t feel obstructed by myself living my life. Especially the Mukhi (special power rudraksha) radiates its energy on my arm, giving me a pleasant tingly feeling on and in my arm. It is amazing how, from the moment I started wearing it, the bracelet has given me the energy and clears my path in life."

- Boyd,Netherlands