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What makes an object “holy”?

The words “holy” or “sacred” imply an exalted status. In spiritual terms, they define the direct experience of greater power and positive energy, described as divine.

But, where does this power come from?

From Natural to Supernatural
The Creation & Activation of Sacred Power Objects

There’s an inner secrecy to creating true Soul Jewelry and Nature plays an integral part in the process. Everything in Nature has its own power. But, a technique is required for that power to be activated and expressed. Without the proper technique, the power remains dormant or simply potential.

Any technique involves a step-by-step process. Take the creation of a diamond. Thousands of years of pressure on a piece of coal make up the first step in the process. But, once a raw diamond is found, it must be cleaned, cut, and polished to bring out its full brilliance and value.

The power of a diamond lies in its radiance and its ability to attract, to capture our attention and uplift us. These are the fundamental characteristics of natural, physical objects. They’re magnetic & radiant, both attractive & inspiring. The same holds true for objects that are considered holy or sacred.

Sacred Power Objects are the Diamonds of Spirituality.

They wrote, “The highest wisdom will seek you out of
its own accord.”

Like that, it is said, “The power (vibratory resonance) of the holy bead seeks the soul it was created for, interested only in sublime union and the soul’s uplifting.” The perfect union of a sacred power object and the individual soul it was created for can only be realized once the object has been fully empowered and activated. Then, it will seek you out, draw you to it, and embrace you with its peace, power, and protection.


What are the mechanics of a natural object expressing supernatural or “divine” power?

The process begins with a soul, which has the power to express its own infinite energy in the natural, physical world. Using specific sadhana (spiritual techniques), this soul power, known as Shakti, is channeled directly into the object. It takes Shakti to fully activate the inherent power in Nature.

It is commonly promoted that good intentions or the use of mantram (sacred sound formulas) or religious prayers are enough to fully activate the divine power in Nature. But it’s simply not true. Anyone can have good intentions. And, there are books of mantram and prayers available for anyone to practice and use who wishes to. But, if the Shakti, one’s soul power, is not already present and sufficient, neither will be the desired results. Like the power inherent in Nature lies dormant or in a state of pure potentiality, our Shakti’s ability to express itself fully commonly lies dormant as well. In the spiritual traditions of India, a soul’s Shakti can reach such power of expression that Sankalpam Siddhi—the divine ability to spontaneously manifest one’s desires—becomes a living reality. For this to occur, the soul must reach a high stage of enlightenment.

Once an object has been empowered by Shakti, the activation process begins. Just as an apple seed grows into an apple tree, which eventually bears apples, not oranges or bananas, the process of activation is also specific and proceeds step-by-step until it bears its fully ripened fruits. Here is where the process becomes a concerted effort.

Let’s take the holy Rudraksha bead as an example. First, it is a seed found in Nature. Each seed, if properly matured and planted, will produce a Rudraksha tree. But, as in all of Nature, no two seeds or trees or fruits are exactly alike. They have general characteristics in common—and some specific ones—but they are not exactly the same. Therefore, while there will be many similarities in the ways they express their inherent divine energy, there will also be specific, individual differences.

The great sages of ancient India made a point of highlighting the value of this specificity, which is applicable to every aspect of spirituality.



The final stage of the activation process includes you.

Life is lived through relationships. We all live in relationship with our environment, with each other, with our Self, and with the Divine. Each relationship moves through 5 stages: introduction; familiarity; harmonization; intimacy; union. In terms of our relationship with soul jewelry, the more we wear them or use them, the quicker we move towards divine union. Soul jewelry brings your energy into harmony with it.

That is its purpose: to heal you, protect you and to enhance your personal experience along the path of your soul towards its full expression in this life.