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SWATHIMAA is the founder, CEO & creative force behind SHIVALOKA. Born in Berlin, she grew up in Syria, and later lived in Istanbul, Los Angeles and London before she eventually found herself pulled to Southern India where she studied for more than 10 years under the direct guidance of one of India’s greatest modern-day saints, Sri Sai Kaleshwara Swami.

He trained her in powerful, secret, siddhic healing techniques and ancient soul enlightenment sciences. In 2007, she opened a spiritual center in Hong Kong, where she offered healings and teachings to thousands of seekers. In order to help her students with their daily mantra meditation practice, she attempted to make meditation malas available to them. But, Swathimaa soon realized how difficult it was to find authentic Rudraksha malas of the highest vibratory quality. It was then that she envisioned the birth of SHIVALOKA.

With the blessings of her master and the intent to heal & protect people’s hearts and souls through the highest divine vibrations potent in sacred power objects, she creates authentic, energized soul jewelry for spiritual practice and as a conscious lifestyle accessory for our modern times. Swathimaa currently resides in the South of Bali, with her young family, including the newest addition to the Shivaloka family, her baby boy, Sai.


RAYMOND PROHS is co-founder of SHIVALOKA, a powerful healer, public speaker and author of of “Mystic Living—The Principles of Vaastu for the 21st Century”. Born in Los Angeles, he became a teacher of meditation in his early twenties and taught thousands to immerse themselves into an enlightening state of inner consciousness. Inspired by the amazing remedies the Vedic sciences offer, he became an Aurvedic practitioner and Jyothishi (Vedic astrologer).

People worldwide have sought out his wisdom and guidance, including a high-profile list of celebrity clientele. In the early 1990s, he founded an international corporation pioneering the mainstream introduction of Rudraksha to the USA and imported highest-quality Rudraksham and extraordinary Ayurvedic products, which sold at exclusive venues such as Barneys New York and Saks Fifth Ave.

In 2001,Raymond met his spiritual master & friend, Sri Sai Kaleshwara Swami. Throughout the following decade of intense study, deep spiritual practice and direct guidance, his healing abilities and his understanding of India’s ancient mysticism and its modern applications profoundly increased. Upon the instructions & blessings of his spiritual master, Raymond also gratefully accepted the divine duty of helping to bring the beauty and power of SHIVALOKA to the world.