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You’re invited to join SHIVALOKA’S Inner Circle!

You will receive special promotions and discounted offers, spiritual how-to videos,
member invitations to special events and much more.

And, you become part of a global family consisting of both sincere spiritual seekers as well as spiritual masters, of people in need of healing as well a powerful healers, of people seeking change and transformation personally and globally as well as conscious change-makers and social catalysts, all share one common goal:

To be masterful, mindful and kind in life and serve the world in our unique ways.

Because true spirituality means to love humanity. To be here for each other.
And, we are here for you.

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What people are saying about us

“Feeling blessed, abundant and confident”

I have felt blessed since the first day I wore them. I have done the formal activation ceremony for all my pieces and have just completed my 41 days! I have very recently commenced my own business which I feel confident about as it is already becoming slowly successful. It is based on healing others and I have no doubt that the 6, 7 & 8 Mukhi power has contributed to my confidence and manifesting my hearts desire to run a successful small business. I love this jewellery and have many other pieces in mind for the future :-). Feeling blessed, abundant and confident – big thank you for your beautiful pieces.

– Sharyn, Australia
“She feels much better”

I want to thank Shivaloka Soul Jewelry for this incredible mala necklace. It was a gift for my mother’s birthday and since she wears it, she feels much better.

– Hamadi, France
“Prepare to see a difference in your life”

The power imparted in this jewelry was noticeable the 1st day they arrived and each piece is imbued with a unique energy. I could literally feel my earrings balancing my right and left energy channels. Along with being magical, they are also physically stunning. They’re designed to stand out energetically and physically. I’m constantly complimented on them. I would encourage anyone to purchase any piece from and prepare to see a difference in your life.

– Debbie, USA
“Assisted me with deep healing”

Enhanced my life, my yoga practice, helped me reconnect with confidence. Certainly assisted me with a deep healing and resulted in greater clarity for the future. Not just a stunning piece of jewellery!

– Anne, Australia