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Soham (108 silver)

Sanskrit Meaning : सो ऽहम् I am That

Power & Benefits :

Meditation, Yoga & Self-knowledge

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In stock

It’s said, true meditation is simply surrendering to Silence. Simple but profound ways to connect to silence is in the pause between two heartbeats, as well as on the inner journey of your breath. It is then when you can realize that in the observation you become that which you are observing. So-Ham, I am That. The eternal awareness of unity with all that is. The experience of oneness, in divine harmony with every breath, with every mala bead, we remember ‘So-Ham’. Complete presence. But, in our fast-paced lives, consciously being present with 108 repetition of a mantra can seem very difficult. Our fully activated Soham meditation mala, strung on silver with matched, rare 4mm sacred Rudraksha beads, channels the Shakti, which grants you the power to more easily allow your mind to be quiet and embrace the deep silence and bliss of the soul just as the breath touches the depth of your inner being. This mala has 108 beads and ornate pendant. On the backside of the pendant is the holy mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ engraved in Sanskrit, the signature of silence.

Mala with 108 authentically blessed, high-vibrational and rare 4mm rudraksha beads strung on .925 silver wire with petal-shaped .925 silver, oxidized pendant.

Mala length: 101cm/  40“

Pendant bead length: 3.5cm/ 1.4 “