Bless Your Life. Manifest Your Intentions
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Natural gems and beads possess inherent spiritual power. But, their full spiritual potential remains dormant unless that power is properly and fully activated. All of our Soul Jewelry is authentically activated and blessed, using the exact secret spiritual processes, which India’s most enlightened masters discovered and have used to create sacred power objects since ancient times.

This authentic activation process is what makes our Soul Jewelry real spiritual jewelry, not just fashion accessories, symbolic of spirituality, worn as sweet, physical reminders of your deeper spiritual aspirations. Our Soul Jewelry actually helps empower you to reach and surpass them.



The knowledge of the sacred formulas for the correct combinations of healing gemstones and sacred beads come directly from ancient palm leaf books. The use of these exact formulas is a very important ingredient in the creation of authentic Soul Jewelry. They make specific channels of divine power or ‘Shakti’ accessible. Once we fully activate those channels, our sacred Soul Jewelry provides you with a direct link to beautiful, healing spiritual power, which quickly incorporates its benefits into your daily life, including your spiritual processes.

Wrong combinations may create adverse effects for the wearer, including potentially attracting the opposite effects from those you desire, instead of helping you achieve the prescribed divine results. This is why we always maintain the integrity of the process.


We use only carefully selected, 100% natural and authentic Rudraksha and other sacred power beads, all of the highest quality and vibrations. Most mala beads available in the marketplace use ‘dead’ or low vibration, low quality sacred beads, especially Rudraksha, which have little or no energetic value. Some use fakes.

Part of the inspiration behind the creation of our Soul Jewelry and Malas is to show you, from your own direct experience, that there’s a profound difference between what is available and what is truly, authentically, spiritually powerful and effective.


Spiritual masters first introduced sacred prayer beads, like our SHIVALOKA Soul Jewelry, to further enhance their own meditations and enlightenment. Because of the tremendous positive influences gained by using malas, the masters soon created more — to empower their most devoted students and, then, India’s royalty. This is the spiritual tradition we come from.

We belong to the Divine Lineage of India’s supreme masters, since ancient times acknowledge by the community of saints as the custodians of India’s most profound enlightenment technologies, including the soul science of sacred power objects.

Our spiritual teacher and friend, Sri Kaleshwar, is the modern-day supreme master/avatar (highest state of an enlightened divine soul) of this lineage.During his lifetime, his mission was to release the deepest spiritual teachings and practices of the Divine Lineage, making them available to all. Our lineage also includes the supreme masters Shirdi Baba, Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Gautama Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, Babaji and Sri Dattatreya, among others.

We are eternally grateful Sri Kaleshwar and the Divine Lineage directly blessing us to be part of this sacred tradition and global mission.